The Appalachian Transition Initiative seeks to create more conversation and heightened awareness around the need for and strategies to achieve a more diversified economy in Central Appalachia. We feel that we are in a unique moment that calls for new ideas and broad participation in shaping a different kind of future. We invited several leaders and experts to write essays that identify the key challenges, opportunities and action items needed to build a sustainable regional economy. The essays below are the result of this constructive, positive, action-oriented exercise.


Naming the Successes of Mountain People: Remembering the Rural Past for a Rural Future

By Marie Cirillo


Check is in the Mail

By Dee Davis


Soil as a Pillar for a New Appalachian Economy

By Samir K Doshi and John H Todd


Want Real Economic Transitioning for Appalachia? Draw on Best Ideas from All Sectors!

By Gaye Evans with Kathy Jennings-Johnson and Margo Miller


The Transition of Appalachia and the Transformation of Prosperity in the United States

By Anthony Flaccavento


Reconstructed Hope

By Robert H. Giles, Jr., PhD


The Inextricable Bond: Central Appalachia’s Relationship to Land and Energy in the 21st Century

By Nathan Hall


Creating Green Jobs and Economic Diversification in Central Appalachia by Reclaiming Polluting Coal Mines

By Evan Hansen and Anne Hereford


Education and Jobs, Jobs and Education: A Proposal for Funding Economic Redevelopment in Central Appalachia

By Michael Hendryx, PhD


Building Community Capacity

By Peter Hille


Survival Entrepreneurship as a Launching Pad for a More Vibrant Central Appalachia

By Ronald J. Hustedde, Ph.D.


A Declaration of Human Rights for the People of Appalachia: Reframing the Debate about the Region’s Future

By Judi Jennings


Building with Hope in Appalachia

By Jim King


Appalachian Transition Initiative/Appalachian Prosperity Project: A Clean Glass of Water For Every Appalachian Child

By Helen Matthews Lewis


Building a More Diverse, Sustainable, and Robust Central Appalachian Region through Entrepreneurship Development

By Deborah Markley


In Search of Spark Plugs

By Thomas F. Miller


Investing in the Potential of Children

By Renate Pore


Using the Human Capital We Have to Create the Social Capital We Don’t – Local Philanthropy and Early Childhood

By Gerry F. Roll


A Step Toward Fixing a County’s Economy

By Herb E. Smith


People of Color in the Green Future of Central Appalachia

By William H. Turner


Suffering Into Truth: Aeschylus in Appalachia

By Rick Wilson


The JOBS Project 2010 Strategy Report