Is Epic Loot Box Settlement Scam {March 2021} Know All!

Is Epic Loot Box Settlement Scam 2021

Is Epic Loot Box Settlement Scam {March 2021} Know All! >> The recent news of popular game about giving random rewards is spreading with gamers. Read here.

Are you a die-hard fan of the Fortnite game? We have seen that the most trending question Is Epic Loot Box Settlement Scam real or not.

The various users who have played the Fortnite game between July 1, 2015, and February 25, 2021, are supposed to get some exciting settlement.

This news is trending and creating chaos and doubt in the mind of many players of the United States. Would you wish to find out the truth behind it? Let’s continue.

What is in the recent news?

The internet is flooded with the news that many gamers have purchased random loot boxes because the news says that 1000 v bucks will be getting added to gamer’s account after buying this.

This ‘Is Epic Loot Box Settlement Scam is gaining hype and spreading like wildfire amongst the United States’ gamersand across the world.

This news of getting thousands of v bucks that will be equal to a dollar eight has made users wait to get them deposited in their account.

Whether this news is real or a scam, we will read for the so stay with us.

The truth behind the news:

So this is for US players of Fortnite, the games Save the World and Rocket League, and whosoever has bought this loot box in either game will receive certain benefits immediately and automatically.

The massive fan following of Epic games involves more than 350 million users worldwide, and this offer was for US players only.

What happened as a result of Is Epic Loot Box Settlement Scam?

As a result, many fake websites have started rolling over the internet, without mentioning that it is only for specific country’s players. Everyone from the worldwide corner started to enter personal information as mandatory to get that amount in the account.

Is this legit?

According to the Epic team, the settlement was only for the United States player, and the offered payment was for particular game players.

But at the moment, the team has stopped giving the random boxes, and a few of the gamers are disappointed with this. They were expecting to receive the rewards.

Gamer’s reactions for Is Epic Loot Box Settlement Scam:

The gamers have presented their mixed reactions to these random loot boxes from the Fortnite game and thinking whether the epic loot box settlement was cam or not.

The gamers are in a dilemma and cannot gather whether it was a piece of legit news or not.

Final verdict

The game has its charm and personality and gives users who are in addiction and love always to find the different things to get attached to the game.

This finding made many parents believe that it could be an inculcation of gambling character in the kids, which should not be brought in their games. Is Epic Loot Box Settlement Scam is not trusted by many.

The gamers need to research hard before trying any offer as there are many scammers and fake website which tries to personal data for their purpose.

Have you witnessed this settlement? Please do share with us in the section below.

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