Appalachian Schoolkids Learn Entrepreneurship Skills by Starting Their Own Businesses

We've always felt that one of the keys to revitalizing and diversifying Appalachia's economy is entrepreneurship, so it was great to see an article in Business Lexington about program to help schoolkids start their own businesses. Just like we want kids to start early on math, science and reading, thinking entrepreneurially also needs to start young. Funded by the Appalachian Regional Commission and run by the University of Kentucky, the program gives teams of kids $15 in seed money and helps them with planning, market research and implementation. If successful, the kids return the seed money but keep the rest for themselves. And it's made an impact: 

Wells [a middle-school social studies teacher] said the students really liked the hands-on aspect of the program and “learned a lot by doing” while also learning responsibility and how to collaborate with other students.
Denham noted that while all students could benefit from E-Discovery Challenge, it is especially important to understand that ARC funds education projects that will benefit students in the most economically distressed counties where many schools don’t have the opportunities that some of the more “affluent” counties do.
“This is giving these students and schools the chance to shine and show their talent, and they are amazing,” she said.
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