Even More Press on Appalachia’s Bright Future

In the week following the Appalachia's Bright Future conference, we've seen a lot of great media about the event. Here's a quick roundup of the latest.

From Making Connections News comes a radio story, "Building Appalachia's Bright Future:"

In late April, leaders from across eastern Kentucky and Central Appalachia came together in the heart of Harlan County, at the Harlan Convention Center, to talk about the future of mountain communities.  Called Appalachia’s Bright Future, the conference was sponsored by Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, and aimed to build a new conversation about the unique opportunities and challenges the region faces at this pivotal moment in time.  A common theme articulated throughout the event was that, as our counties face more lay-offs and an uncertain future, everyone needs to be a part of the conversation for what comes next.  Here we’ll share just a few of the many voices from the weekend. Click here to listen!

From the Lexington Herald-Leader, an op-ed called "Building a path to a just transition away from coal:"

Citing the development of newly abundant and cheap natural gas and the depletion of easily accessible coal reserves, several dozen panelists called for a just transition away from coal. Workshops explored building local economies through arts and culture, a local food economy, land and stream reclamation, supporting entrepreneurship, sustainable forestry, expanding broadband internet access, and affordable housing.

From the Louisville Courier-Journal, a column titled "Appalachia’s Bright Future Longtime Coming:"

Though I live miles from the region, its beauty attracts me as does its importance in the history of Kentucky’s culture and economy. I drove there because I believe in the web of life that ties us together. For me we in the western part of the state are only doing well if those on that eastern border are also thriving. Thus, participating in the discussion to make sure we all do well is important and necessary.

Be sure to check back to the Appalachia's Bright Future conference page, where KFTC will be continually adding more materials, photos, video and presentations from the weekend.