FEAT Hosting Workshop on Eco-Agritourism Business Development in Eastern Kentucky

Eastern Kentucky Foothills Eco-Agri-Tourism Corporation (FEAT) and the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service are joining together to host a workshop entitled” It’s Your Idea Make it Pay!: Emphasizing eco-agri-tourism and related businesses” July 28 – 30 at Morehead’s Regional Enterprise Center in West Liberty Kentucky.

The workshop aims to “inspire local people to think differently about our community and its economy.” The goal is “to create a network of people and businesses working together across county lines.” There will be training and assistance, beginning at this workshop and continuing through the winter of 2010-11 for those who wish to start a business in the region, including restaurants, catering services, lodges, U-picks, bed and breakfasts and any other such related business. Residents of Wolfe, Menifee, Morgan, Elliott and Carter Counties are eligible for free registration (limited to 10 from each county) – more information is available by calling Gayle at .

Keynote speakers include Peter Hille, Director of the Brushy Fork Institute, leading sessions entitled “We Cannot Wait” and “Strategies for Strong Communities”. Vaugnh Grisham, director of the George McClean Institute for Community Development at the University of Mississippi, will be leading a two-day session on local capacity, called “We Must Look to Ourselves First”. Todd Comen, founder and manager of the Institute for Integrated Rural Tourism, is leading a day-long look at integrated rural tourism’s potential application in eastern Kentucky.

The conference will also feature farm and business tours, as well as meals made with locally-grown ingredients.

To register, call the Elliot County Extension Service at or 6440.

Kristin Tracz

About Kristin Tracz

Kristin Tracz served MACED’s Research and Policy team from 2009-2012 working on clean energy policy, energy efficiency programs and the Appalachian Transition Initiative. She joined MACED after finishing her Master of Environmental Management degree at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. She now lives and works in Washington, DC.