How$mart Gets National Attention

We are excited to share with you a glowing article that Yes! Magazine has written about How$martKY, MACED's innovative residental energy-efficiency retrofit program. The article, titled "What's Cheaper than Solar, Slashes Carbon Emissions and Creates Jobs in Kentucky?", explains how How$mart customers get the benefit of a healthier, warmer (and cooler) home while paying back the cost of the retrofit over time right on their utility bill (which is always lower than it would have been due to the energy savings). 

Not only does this program benefit residents, it is creating jobs right here in the mountains. 

The program hasn’t just cut carbon emissions—it’s also spurred small-business growth. Since starting with How$mart, Blair has hired three new people to keep up with the extra work. His company now conducts energy audits with customers whether they’re with How$mart or not. And in the next few months, he plans to expand his business to include insulation and add on another three men.

And customers are finally able to enjoy their homes and be comforable in the coldest and warmest months of the year. As anyone who has lived in a poorly-insulated home can attest, this is no small thing. How$mart customers report their relief as well: 

When Barb and Steve Ritchie signed up with How$mart to install a new furnace and insulation in their house in Ewing, Ky., the bill came to nearly $14,000. It’s a daunting number. But a Kentucky Home Performance rebate helped, and their monthly bill is lower than it was before.

The results were striking: In 2011, the Ritchies used 28,406 kWh of energy. In 2012, that number dropped to 14,651 kWh. Barb Ritchie estimates they’re saving $400 a month now that they no longer have gas delivered for heating—not to mention the savings on their bill.
“I just feel like I was very blessed,” she said. “This is the warmest and coolest our house has ever been.”
Ritchie’s reaction isn’t unique. “Most of the time they’re not going to say, ‘I’m saving a lot of money,’” Blair explained. “They say, ‘I’m actually comfortable in my house.’”

If you are a customer of the Fleming-Mason, Jackson, Big Sandy or Grayson co-ops, you can be a part of How$martKY too! Contact your co-op to learn more.