New Blog Series, ‘Transition in Action,’ to Launch this Month

We here at Renew Appalachia have always been committed to highlighting the great economic transition work that’s happening across the Central Appalachian region.

It’s important to us that our readers know about the many different aspects of economic transition that are happening in eastern Kentucky and Central Appalachia as the region grapples with the loss of the coal industry, and how to advance the economy forward into the future. We’ve found that oftentimes, people in the region don’t really know what’s happening on the ground to rebuild their local economies – mostly because those good things aren’t being talked about enough to a broad range of people.

That’s where we like to think our work at this blog comes in. We like to think that by sharing the stories of all the amazing things happening in the region, we are helping to reshape the regional narrative. If people can see that many economic revival projects are bubbling up and coming to fruition, then maybe the collective outlook on the future – both internally and externally – won’t appear so bleak.

It’s with this idea in mind that we’ve set out to tell even more stories of the good economic transition work that’s happening in communities all across the region through a new series we’re calling, “Transition in Action.”

Each month, we’ll select a new topic to explore, and then seek out stories, ideas and commentary from the people, organizations, and/or entries who are most involved with that specific area of work. We’re starting the series this month with an overview of what Appalachian economic transition really is and means. We hope this will establish the groundwork for the series of blog posts that come after. And not to worry: We won’t be ending our regular commentary and story-sharing. That will still happen in-between “Transition in Action” posts.

We’re always seeking a broad range of ideas and stories from a broad range of people, and we hope “Transition in Action” will contribute to that goal. We also hope the series will help to shift the narrative of Central Appalachia to one that’s full of opportunity and possibilities, and not hyper-focussed on the very real challenges we face in this economic transition (though, focus on those challenges is very necessary as well). We mostly hope that we’ll be able to help shape a more complete picture of the truth of the region, for only when we know the truth can we move forward unfettered.

Of course, we also hope that you, our faithful readers, will enjoy what this series has to offer. So, stick with us – “Transition in Action” starts this week!