Transition in Action, Community Editions

There is so much happening right now in eastern Kentucky to help usher in the new economy. Every community has at least one story about at least one person who is moving and shaking and collaborating to make their place stronger for the future ahead. We’ve been trying to feature some of these stories on this blog in our Transition in Action series.

In the process of collecting those stories, we’ve realized that it really does take a village to make change happen, and that even though we’ve been telling individual stories, when those stories are combined, they show the full interconnected web of what’s happening in their respective communities.

That’s why we’ve decided to shift the focus of TIA a bit. Instead of just telling one story a week from one community, we’re going to be taking a deeper dive into one respective community a month in the hopes of more fully capturing the entire landscape of community building work that’s happening there. We’re hoping these deep dives will make the full scope of Just Transition in the region more apparent, and we’re hoping it will help to shed some light on all the good things that are going on in eastern Kentucky at this critical juncture.

We’re kicking things off this month in Hazard, Ky. We hope you’ll stick around to learn more about what’s happening there, because it surely is a lot.