Travel Green in Appalachia!

“Travel Green Appalachia” ( partners with folks in the public and private sectors to help promote green tourism. The web-site includes travel blog posts, check-lists for green travel, links to eco-friendly destinations and information for businesses that want to be involved in building a tourism industry that supports the triple bottom line of travel.

The folks at TGA recognize their work as part of the broader project of building a healthy and diverse economy in Appalachia:

Our efforts and influence extend beyond tourism because tourism development cannot occur in a bubble isolated from other components of a sustainable economy.

TGA has been working on green tourism in Appalachia since 2008. The list of speaking engagements and projects suggests that the web-site is a small piece of an ambitious project that engages small business owners and local and state officials in trying to build environmental tourism in West Virginia.

Check it out!

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